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Thank you for your interest in administering ARTIST tests.

We offer 11 online multiple choice tests on individual topics, called ARTIST topic scales. Each test consists of 7 to 15 items, and usually take 10 to 15 minutes for students to complete.

We also offer the newly revised Comprehensive Assessment of Outcomes in a first Statistics Course (CAOS) test. CAOS consists of 40 items and usually takes 30 to 45 minutes for students to complete.

More information on the development, reliability and validity of the CAOS test can be found in our 2007 SERJ publication:

delMas, R., Garfield, J., Ooms, A., & Chance, B. (2007). Assessing studentsí conceptual understanding after a first course in statistics. Statistics Education Research Journal, 6(2), 28-58.

Registered users of the ARTIST online tests can have copies of the tests sent as email attachments (see Step 2 below).

Registered users can also retrieve a report of normative statistics for the CAOS test based on a sample of 1470 undergraduate students enrolled at 33 United States institutions who took the CAOS test in Fall 2005 or Spring 2006 (see Step 2 below).

Please read the following instructions carefully - there are 4 steps to take!
Step 1: Register to use one or more ARTIST test(s)
  You only have to register once!
During registration, we will ask you to provide information about yourself, your institution, and the statistics course you teach. We will also ask you to provide an e-mail address that was assigned to you by your institution. This e-mail address will be your identification information for requesting access codes. We do not accept non-institutional email adresses (e.g.,,,
Click here to register:
Step 2: Retrieve copies of the ARTIST tests, or a report of normative statistics for the CAOS test

To review copies of the ARTIST tets, or to see a report of normative statistics for the CAOS test, go to the following URL:

After you log on, click the EMAIL ARTIST TESTS button to select the files that will be sent to you as email attachments.

Step 3: Request an Access Code
  We suggest that you request an Access Code two to three days before you plan to make an ARTIST test available to students.
  Once you receive a confirmation e-mail from the ARTIST team that you can access ARTIST tests, you need to request an Access Code for each ARTIST test you plan to administer. This will only take about a minute per request.
Click here to log in: , then click the REQUEST ACCESS CODE button.
  The Access Code request form asks you to provide information that identifies your course, and to designate a time period during which your students will take a test. If you plan to have more than one course or course section take a test, you can create one Access Code for all sections, or separate Access Codes for each course and section - how you set it up is completely up to you. It is easy to request several Access Codes for the same ARTIST test since the form retains all the information you enter, so you only have to change a few items (e.g., a different test, different section, different time) for each request.
  If you realize that you entered incorrect information for an Access Code after you submit the request, or you want to change information (e.g., extend the ending date and time), you can log in and click the TEST REPORTS button. All of your Access Codes will be listed, with an EDIT button below each code. Click an EDIT button to change information for an Access Code.
  Once you submit the form, you will automatically be sent an e-mail with the URL and an access code for the test. Students will enter this code when they are ready to take the test. Students will not be able to access the test before or after the assigned date and time period.
  The URL for the page where students can enter the Access Code is:
Step 4: Retrieve reports of your students' performance
  Once you have administered a test, you can obtain two files that report statistics on student test performance. One file is a tab-delimited file that can be opened in Excel and provides the percent correct for each student. The other file is an RTF formatted file that can be opened in Word, and presents the test items for a test, along with the percent of students who selected each response for each item. Percent response is presented in bold typeface for the correct response to each item.
  To have both reports e-mailed to you as attachments, go to this URL:

Once you have logged in, click the ALL ACCESS CODES button to see a list of your Access Codes. If students have submitted tests for an Access Code, a GET REPORTS button will be displayed. Clicking a GET REPORTS button will send the two test reports to you as e-mail attachments.


We look forward to hearing from you about what you think of these tests and the information they provide you.

If you have any questions regarding Institutional Review Board approval for this project, please click the following link: IRB Approval
Copyright 2006 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. This page is subject to change without notice. Last modified: June 13, 2006. For questions or comments, contact Bob delMas at