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Q: About how long do I need to allow for the students to complete a  test on a particular topic?
  The topic tests take 10-15 minutes. The CAOS test takes about 30 minutes.
Q: Do I have to have a computer lab setting for them to take the test?
  This works best, but you can also have students take the tests on a computer outside of class.
Q: Is it possible to see the tests before giving them?
  Yes, just request a copy from us by sending an e-mail to Bob delMas at
Q: How can I compare my students scores to a norm group?
  We are gathering baseline data and hope to offer summaries for comparison purposes in the future. This information will be available by September 2006.
Q: Are there subscale scores for the CAOS test based on the different topics?
  Not at this time. We plan to analyze the data collected this year to determine if meaningful subscales can be identified.


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