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1. Alternative Assessment Materials 

Article Critiques
Journals and Writing Assignments
Materials from the Chance project

2. Research Instruments
  ARTIST tests and other measurements of learning and attitude
3. References on Assessment in Statistics
  Organized by author
Organized by category
4. References on Assessment in General
  Organized by author
5. Papers and Publications on Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking
6. Implementation Issues
  Questions on practical issues related to designing, administering, and evaluating tests.
7. Materials from ARTIST professional development offerings
  MAA Mini course (January 2004): Designing and Evaluating Assessment for Introductory Statistics [power point]
Handout [in pdf format]
  Conference Proceedings from the ARTIST Roundtable Conference, August 2004.
8. Collections of statistics test items

Items by Brian Schott of Georgia State:

  Items by Jon Cryer:
  Items by Carl Schwarz:


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