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Publication: Wise, S. L. (1985). The development and validation of a scale measuring attitudes toward statistics. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 45, 401 – 405.
Population: Introductory statistics students.
Description: The 29-item attitudinal scale consists of two subscales: attitude toward the field of statistics (20 items) and attitude toward the course (9 items). Students are asked to respond to how they currently feel about a statement (i.e., “I feel that statistics will be useful to me in my profession”) using a 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) response scale.
Psychometric Properties: A two-factor solution was supported in addition to high ( ~.90) internal consistency for both subscale scores. The distinctiveness of the subscale scores was further supported by correlations with course grade. Specifically, the attitude toward the course subscale was a positive predictor of course grade, unlike the attitude toward the field subscale, which had a null relationship with course grade.
Location: (PDF format) or at (Word document).
Memorandum: An important memorandum concerning the scoring and use of these items is at (PDF format) or at (Word document).
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