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General Instructions

The Item Database [Assessment Builder] allows you to search for items according to topics and learning outcomes. A search produces a set of items that meet your search criteria. You can review the items and select the ones you want to build into a test. When you are ready, the selected items can be downloaded as an rtf-file (rich text format-file), which can be saved onto your computer.

You can open this file with Word, edit it as desired, and save it as a Word file. The set of items you selected for the assessment remain on the ARTIST web site so that you can go back at a later time to conduct additional searches and add or remove items from the assessment.

Throughout the pages of the Asssessment Builder you will see blue INFORMATION buttons . Click an information button to learn about the function of a button, a definition of a term, or tips for searching and building an assessment. You can click the INFORMATION button on this page to see how they work and to learn more about them.

DO NOT USE the BACK and FORWARD buttons of the browser to navigate. Please use the navigation buttons provided in the Assessment Builder to move from one page to the next.

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