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Why are the Binomial Distribution and Binomial Probability not included as topic areas?

You may find a few items on the Binomial Distribution under the topic of Probability or in the inference topics on proportions. We removed Binomial Distribution as a topic because most of the items submitted in this area only involved computation, and we do not want to emphasize that in the database. We may try to develop some good conceptual items related to binomial distributions. If you have any, please share them with us!

Where are items on random variables?
They can be found under the topic of Probability. Again, the database does not include any items that are strictly computational.
Why are no answers listed to assessment items?
Due to security issues, we have not made answers to the items accessible. We also think that it is important for instructors to try to answer the items themselves and only select items that they are comfortable answering on their own. If you would like to request answers to particular forced choice items, please email the project staff. Or, if you would like to check that a particular answer to an open-ended question is correct, please feel free to contact us for feedback.

How can I reorder the items in my assessment? Can I do that in the Assessment Builder?

At this point the only way to reorder items is to do it manually using your word processing program.
After selecting topics and receiving items, why are the items not in the order of the topics selected?
The items appear in the order in which they were added to our item bank. If you would like to receive items in a particular topic order, please select only one topic at a time, rather than selecting multiple topics and receiving all items for that topic in one search.
May I use items from the Assessment Builder in their original or modified form in a research study?
Yes, but please acknowledge that the item came from the NSF-funded Web ARTIST project.
May I use items from the Assessment Builder in a test bank?
If you want to put our items in your own personal test bank for your own use, that’s fine. However, we do not give permission for our items (in their current form) to be used in a test bank produced for commercial purposes.
If I use the Assessment Builder over time, and only want to check for new items that are added, how can I do that?
When we add new items, we will make sure that they always come up first in an item search. So the first items you see in a search will be the new ones.
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