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Our goal is to help teachers assess statistical literacy, statistical reasoning, and statistical thinking in first courses of statistics.
This Web site provides a variety of assessment resources for teaching first courses in Statistics. Please use the navigation bar on your left to access these resources.
Learn more about Statistical Literacy, Statistical Reasoning, and Statistical Thinking:
  • Definitions of Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking
  • Examples of Assessment Items coded as Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking
  • How Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking are related
  • How Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking relate to Bloom’s and other taxonomies
  • Words that characterize assessment items for Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking
This project was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF CCLI –ASA- 0206571) and supported by the following institutions:
link to NSFlink to University of Minnesotalink to Cal Poly
For more information about this project, or to contribute materials, please contact Dr. Joan Garfield by e-mail:
We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Ann Ooms (Graduate Research Assistant and Postdoctoral fellow) in the development of this website and its resources.
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